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Top differences between China and Australia

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Quality of Life Comparison

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China 4, kWh per capita - Dundee consumes around 9, kWh per capita of learning per year. The percentage of adults living with HIV/AIDS in China is % while in Australia it is %.

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26, people in China and people in Australia die from AIDS each year. This entry gives an estimate of the percentage of adults (aged ) living with HIV/AIDS. With China in chaos and members of the Communist Party wanting his head, inMao launched the Cultural Revolution. This aimed to purge China of its dissidents, its old ideas, its elitist elements and most important of all, Mao's enemies.

Australia vs. China Government Compare vs for Submit. With China in chaos and members of the Communist Party wanting his head, inMao launched the Cultural Revolution. This aimed to purge China of its dissidents, its old ideas, its elitist elements and most important of all, Mao's enemies.

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differences between Australia and China Australia and China are known to be different in almost every characteristic According to Hofstede’s Cultural dimensions.

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These two countries are different in all the five aspects, which are, individualism, power distance, uncertainty .

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