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If you are thinking "I want to be a surgeon" but can't manage a Freshman paper, you need to rethink what you want to do. What happened after this essay went viral was that many teachers took this essay and used it in classes to demonstrate a creative approach to the essay.

What some students learned, however, was not. Do colleges check EVERY ESSAY THEY READ for Plagiarism? what are the consequences for getting caught?

Do colleges check EVERY ESSAY THEY READ for Plagiarism? what are the consequences for getting caught? But there are now companies that search essays for plagiarism, and its easy to submit since essays are sent to the college electronically. Apr 16,  · Do professors keep your essays?

Do they keep them or scan them somewhere?I'm asking because i'm writing an essay and I want to use some information from a previous essay that I wrote for a different class on the same Resolved.

The act of plagiarism is a serious ethical act in the academic world and in the world of writing. Plagiarism is claiming someone else's thoughts, language, ideas or original work is your own.

In the world of academics, plagiarism can get a student expelled from school. Feb 05,  · For example, when I gave in a essay last term, I gave it online and was actually shown the database - it highlights in red anything thats word for word something in the database - one of my sentences perfectly matched one from an essay apparently from the university of California, if that helps give a sense of it.

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