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Marchetta has expressed Katia as the subsequent Italian influence in the Alibrandi causality. And then her grandmother tells her more of what came and because of that she has to resent her nonno a bit because of what he did to nonna katia.

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The year she finds out about her Nonna Katia's affair with an Australian man called Marcus Sandford. He is Josie's mum's real father, because Nonna Katia's husband Francesco couldn't have children of.


As years pass, she and Nonna develop a connection the leads to Nonna Katia revealing a big family secret that has a huge impact on the Alibrandi family’s name. John. past Josephine also discovers how lucky she really is to live in the time she did. Although she has her own trials because of her ethnicity, Josephine realises that these are nothing compared to the loneliness and uncertainty that Nonna Katia would have felt.

Josie and her mother's lives are interfered with by Nonna Katia, Christina's mother.

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Click here to see the rest of this review Josie's father, Michael Andretti, comes back into. Studybay is an academic. essay topics Compare and contrast essay topics Narrative essay topics Definition essay topics Informative Rhetorical and Literary Analysis – US Essey Move students beyond simplistic analysis by teaching this process for close reading, annotating, and writing!

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