Reflective osce

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Reflections on my Drug Administration OSCE - Essay Example

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Using Gibbs: Example of reflective writing in a healthcare assignment

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The two main ideas of professional reflection are common-on-action and reflection-in-action Yale and Keeling. Reflective OSCE In this case study I intend to analyses and evaluate the care that I delivered to a patient who presented with topic eczema, beginning with a actionable for the case study and a description of the presenting complaint.

Much about the role of nurses in hospital can be learned from something as seemingly simple as a drug administration OSCE. Patient safety practices Patient safety is a crucial part of patient care. At all times, all health professionals should keep the safety of the patient in mind. A Reflective Essay on a DVD Assessment of the Practice of Mental Health The following essay describes a critical reflection on events.

that arose during a DVD assessment of a student psychological wellbeing practitioner.5/5(1).

Reflective OSCE

Objectives: To evaluate an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) adapted for social work in a lab course and examine the degree to which it predicts competence in the practicum. Method: Masters students participated in a one-scenario OSCE and wrote responses to standardized reflection questions.

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a performance based assessment tool used in the final MBBS examination at the University of the West Indies. The checklists for the OSCE used in our communication skills training have been designed on the basis of well validated communication skills frameworks including the.

2 Nursing Times / Vol Online issue / Nursing Practice Discussion Nurse education Author Cathy Liddle is senior lecturer (adult nursing and clinical skills) at Birmingham City University.

Abstract Liddle C () The objective structured clinical examination.

Reflective osce
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Medical State of Mind — Reflecting on the OSCE