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Operating Budgets (Current and Previous)

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The state superintendent's proposed state education budget for is submitted and available for review. This document becomes the basis for deliberations by the governor, legislature, and citizens as the budget process continues. Major budget topics for the biennium include.

Fiscal Year Each January the Governor releases his version of the state budget for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1st.

Each branch of the legislature (House and Senate) in turn develops a budget on which they ultimately agree and send to the Governor for his signature prior to July 1st.

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Fiscal Year Operating and Capital Budget Information. On July 1, Governor Jack Markell signed a balanced budget proposal that puts people to work, keeps the State's commitment to a world-class education system and makes government more cost effective.

Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller Budget OpenBudget is part of our commitment to improving transparency by providing a guided view through complex state financial information.

Oregon state government is a large organization. The following resources may help you learn more about the current structure, budget, and performance measures. The Oregon Blue Book offers descriptions of state agencies, contact information, budgets, and histories that are understandable and.

The New Jersey Department of Treasury oversees taxation, government pensions, business formation and operation, the New Jersey State Budget, building and construction for State government, and the New Jersey Lottery.

It also oversees purchasing and spending for State government, affirmative action and equal opportunity in government contracts, and the State debt.

State budget
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